About Us

Global Skills Services is an Educational and Training Provider based in London, provides a wide range of training, learning and educational programmes across the whole of England. We have extensive experience of providing services that can help our customers make the right choices. Our programmes involve detailed training needs analysis sessions for organisations or individuals to plan their workforce development needs. We also provide advice and guidance on other learning opportunities as part of the process. So, if you are looking to improve your skills or the skills of your workforce then get in touch with us.

What we provide?

To Employers

•Training need Analysis sessions
•Flexible delivery models
•We provide a whole organisation approach to development, analysis and 
 delivery of services.
•Courses can be customised for your needs.
•We offer courses which will help to improve the profitability and efficiency 
 of your business.
•We will refer our trained learners to join your team
•Fee concession upon enrolling more than 9 learners

To Learners

•Information advice and guidance by our subject specialist coaches 
•One-on-one teaching consultation
•Highly skilled and Experienced staff
•Student counselling and additional learning support
•Help with partners courses admissions
•Blended learning: Online and Classroom based
•Qualification delivery by experienced Trainers/ Assessors/Work coaches
•Certificate from national recognised Awarding bodies like

To Job seekers

    •CV writing and help with employment
    •Interview preparation
    •Variety of Employability courses
    •Help with work placement